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  • functional user support

  • technical support

  • health check analysis

  • version upgrade

  • cumulative updates

  • user & admin training

  • customizations

  • process automation

  • reporting

  • cloud migration

xtricate offers pretty much everything required to be a one-stop-service provider for microsoft dynamics ERP customers. to mention a few, our services range from planning and scoping, via deploying, supporting, migrating and customizing to re-implementing and upgrading.

cooperation with "foreign" microsoft partners and assisting them with matters of localizations and local (language) support for their customers in the region is another service xtricate is offering. also being called into stalling or failed projects under the lead of other partners as a mediator or rescuer of the project is a service we are providing. that's why we are also called "the dynamedics". 

although xtricate values and prefers in-person contacts, class-room trainings and meetings (if feasible), we have long since implemented processes and the infrastructure to deliver our services remotely (off-site). what may look like the result of corona restrictions, is also used for customers in countries where we don't maintain a permanent local support team. 

  • data interchange

  • ecommerce

  • system optimization

  • user coaching

  • licensing

  • vertical add-ons

  • localizations

  • job candidate screening

  • temp. role outsourcing

  • backup outsourcing

  • log monitoring

microsoft dynamics analysis / health check
microsoft dynamics upgrade
microsoft dynamics training

analysis/health check

any assignment begins with a "diagnosis" or analysis to establish a full understanding of the current situation. this normally includes:

- code version & customizations

- used functionality

- setup

- data quality

- recommended improvements

microsoft dynamics customizations


in xtricate we follow a no to minimal customization approach, when first implementing a  project. this is not to avoid customizations altogether, but to make sure that the requesters understood  standard functionality first. as we know from dozens of analyses, most of the initially requested customizations will not be used.

microsoft dynamics cloud migration

cloud migration

especially companies planning an upgrade are facing a confusing lot of questions to answer. on-premises? hybrid cloud? if cloud, which cloud? private or shared? perpetual license or subscription license? there is no end of questions and yes, it is confusing. 

xtricate is helping customers to get answers and making the best decision for them.

version upgrade

depending on how old the current system is, upgrades can be very complex projects, that require proper planning. 

xtricate has the resources and experience to deliver upgrades at a fixed cost, scope and schedule. it's not just opening the door to new functionality, but is a good opportunity to clean up your data too. 

microsoft dynamics process automation

process automation

one of the reasons for imple-menting ERP is the possibility to automate business processes, e.g. workflows.

while it's quite common to basic automations only, during the initial implementation.

but it's a good idea to keep this on the to-do list for less busy times.  

microsoft dynamics data interchange

data interchange

in today's connect and fast-paced world it becomes increasingly important to exchange data between different systems, be it between companies in the same database, companies in different databases, even in different dynamics versions.  

other popular integration scenarios are with banks. FX rate services, maps, tracking, etc. 

user & admin training

the best system in the world is of no use, if the users aren't well trained and confident to how to use it. we provide multiple levels of trainings (on- and off-site):

- basic functionality

- advanced functionality

- re(fresher)-trainings

- what's new trainings

- train the trainer

microsoft dynamics reporting


whether it's called business intelligence, MIS, KPI or just reporting, it means to provide:

a) the right information

b) at the right time

c) in the most suitable way

d) to the respective users

have you achieved this yet? 

microsoft dynamics ecommerce


not at last due to corona restric-tions, selling online via website, amazon, shopify, or woocommerce, etc. has become more important.

this may cause quite some extra work to update your ERP system and ecommerce system manually. and human error is likely to occur in the process.  

let us help you with a connector!

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