xtricate enterprises

microsoft NAV partner thailand
we are a comparatively small, hard-working and highly specialized group of international consultants, with our head quarters in singapore. although established as a group of companies just recently, we immediately hit the ground running with our proven approach to finding success. large scale solutions, or just minor upgrades and enhancements. we support our clients all the way. 
microsoft dynamics AX
sven thomas
strategy and vision

inspired by e.f. schumacher's book "small is beautiful" and after decades of working for various dynamics ERP solutions providers and customer in dozens of countries, sven felt that something needs to change fundamentally, if IT solution providers were serious about being more trusted and their staff a better working environment.


reason enough to step up to the plate and putting a team together, that wants to provide our customers real value for money AND enjoy working at the same time. management in xtricate means supporting the team to support customers better.




microsoft dynamics ERP
michael thun
solution architecture

just to prevent anybody from blaming us of having no experience with other ERP solutions, michael is the one proving you wrong. he has been immplementing SAP for most of his professional life. exactly that's the reason why he is the best person to look after xtricate solution architecture and design. he has seen it all. 

microsoft dynamics NAV
gerald wright
partnership networking

gerald is all about getting things done and with over 60 countries that he has worked in, he is probably one of the best connected and experienced project managers you could wish for. 


being a people person, gerald also looks after our strategic relationships with customer, partners and associates, always having an open ear concerns, offering suggestions of how to further improve things and sharing success.


and success is not a sheer matter of turnover to him. he measures success in mutual benefits that both parties get out of the partnership.


microsoft dynamics laos
marlene martinez
compliance and finance

just as in any other healthy company, somewhere at the heart of it is a person keeping all things together, making sure that the company is on plan and people live up to their commitments. in the xtricate group, this "heart" is marlene. 


she is our work-around-the-clock working management reporting, compliance monitoring and risk management expert and she takes no non-sense. 

dynamics NAV myanmar
the xtricate team
a unique team of IT and business professionals
dynamics NAV indonesia

we cannot list all the team members by name here (sorry headhunters!). they have been recruited from all different walks of life, cultural and professional backgronds and all share one thing: they are fantastic and appreciate working in a team that INCLUDES the customer. going the extra-mile for a customer is a matter of honor for them, just as is supporting their team mates. with a combined experience of over 200 dynamics ERP implementations, there is little they don't have experience with yet. but if there is, we pride ourselves letting you know about it. after all, we have a reputation to loose and our reputation is NOT to be experts for everything but to deliver on what we promised to deliver. 



we look forward to meeting you and your team, getting to know each other and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! you will meet a consultant or project manager. not a sales person! we don't have any! to request a meeting please use the contact form  and specify preferred language(s), location, date and area of interest.