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within the xtricate group, xtricate thailand has the highest project count per consultant and hence brings along a lot of pratical experience and understanding of business requirements. the team is a good example for our "global experience with a local face" motto. we adopt international standards and best practices and implement them in a way that works in a thai business environment. 
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thai language pack for dynamics NAV
dynamics NAV integrated HRM & payroll solution

one of the most important success factors in any ERP implementation is the acceptance of the users. but how are users supposed to accept a solution that speaks a language they aren't familiar or comfortable with? 


even though xtricates customers are mostly foreign invested, multi national companies, in thailand the vast majority of system users are thai. and being in thailand they rightfully expect a system that supports their language. 


with the release of NAV 2015 the xtricate thailand team has worked hard to build a new application language layer in thai, making it possible for thai users to use the system in their preferred language, while foreign managers and staff are using the same application in english (or whatever preferred lanugage they may have. 


first results show that this improves the user acceptance dramatically. 



payroll always is a matter of local laws and regulations, which is the reason why leading ERP solutions don’t have a payroll in-built, except for some localized versions for very big markets. 


xtricate thailand offers a fully compliant and integrated HR management and payroll solution as an optional add-on.

dynamics NAV statutory enhancements for thailand

xtricate's enhancement pack for thailand includes a range of functionality specific to thailand:


VAT sales and purchase reports, WHT certificate 50 BIS, WHT pon ngor dor (PND) 3 and 53. balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, stock card, inventory evaluation, inventory movement, BOI reporting, tax settlement for VAT and WHT, billing, petty cash management, purchase request, performa invoice, common check formats (k-bank, siam commercial bank, bangkok bank, UOB), fixed asset disposal,  inventory by tracking code, barcode and many more features


n addition to that it provides enhancements which are not country or region specific. therefore we don't call it "localization". “enhancement pack” seems to be the better word for it.

dynamics NAV upgrade and integration services

xtricate thailand consultants are known for their expertise in upgrading older NAV implementations, (re-)stabilizing existing NAV implementations, and performance tuning.


yet another area of expertise is the integration with external systems or services. 

XTH - purchase VAT
XTH - PND 53
XTH - WHT certificate 50 BIS
XTH - dynamics NAV in thai language

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