in xtricate we pride ourselves of being able to receive request for help or provide status information on a previously submitted request or task 24/7 via online portals. so it doesn't matter where you are on the planet or if you are in your office, at home or travelling. 
now we know, that everybody trying to sell an ERP implementation to you, promises a hell of a service to you. provided you sign a support agreement. and that's mostly when hell begins. we decided to make it easier for our customers. nobody needs a support agreement with xtricate to contact us. in order to access our support portal, call support it is enough to stay on microsoft annual enhancement plan with us. even free service hours will be granted each time our customers renew their annual enhancement plan. 
in short, our customers have the freedom to test our support and ever only pay for they actually requested. 
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"we know the xtricate team since we first considered implementing NAV. we chose another partner that time, because the xtricate consultants came up with a lot of concerns and "let's not do's", whereas the chosen partner had said yes to everything we asked for. two years later we were stuck with so many problems that we overcome our pride and asked the xitricate team to reimplement the system, this time considering advice and best practice. it was a full success." 

"over the years, we have tried numerous partners to support our dynamics NAV systems. until we met an xtricate consultant, they all provided support only if a prepaid support agreement was signed, specifying the number of incidents and onsite man-days we'd need in one year. unused man-days or incidents would simply expire. 

with xtricate we don't need agreement and we pay exactly for what we get and ask for. often they even do the job before they quote their efforts and it's up to us to decide whether it's  good value (and accepted) or not. that way we can be sure."

sorry, dear competitors, reference details upon request and to customers only.