ready for a change?

we aren't looking for job hoppers.we are looking for really service minded people, who understand and appreciate working for our customers, instead of working for a boss.

if customer satisfaction and succeeding as and in a team are high on your agenda and among the reasons, why you are looking for a new employment, don't hesitate to contact us. we always have use for people with the right attitude. we currently have 4 positions in 11 countries to fill (18 vacancies):

customer service representative: cambodia, hongkong, thailand

financial consultant: bangladesh, cambodia, india, indonesia, myanmar, thailand, vietnam

technical consultant: bangladesh, cambodia,thailand

support/help desk: laos, mongolia, nepal, philippines, vietnam

your country or talent isn't listed? let us hear how you think you can and want to contribute to help us dynamics NAV customer even better! contact us via contact form or skype.


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