you don't need to change partner or commit to a pre-paid agreement with us to request support or a service. we don't expect our customers to know one year in many days of  service  or how many "tickets" they will need. flexiible service options allow us to provide individual service packages that fits almost any budget and demand. try it!


whatever we do for our customers, it starts with an analysis in which we reconfirm our understanding of the current situation and what the customer wants to happen instead. 

once our understanding has been reconfirmed, we will evaluate the various approaches to achieve the required results and discuss the pros and cons of each of them with our customer. that has to be the basis of any assignment, be it simple or complex.



any (re-)implementation starts with some kind of agreement defining scope, budget and schedule based on which both parties plan and allocate their resources. 


based on this agreed upon plan, the xtricate consultants and the customers key users start working on the project and make sure that each defined task and milestone is achieved, which gets updated instantly on our online support and project portals.


xtricate consultants are trained to carry out  imple-mentations with minimum impact on the ongoing operations of the customer. 




while dynamics NAV and all our vertical and horizontal add-on solutions have been implemented and are being used in hundreds or thousands of companies around the globe and can be assumed to work without flaws, setup, data and of course the users and the way they work are unique to each company. 

therefore xtricate consultants put a strong focus on training the users, letting them practice only letting the test end-to-end scenarios with own data


only with users being confident and scenarios with real data having been completed successfully an implementation should go live.




once an implementation goes live, part of the onsite go live support provided by xtricate is to hand over details to the xtricate helpdesk team, to make sure that all information is available to our offsite support team as well. 


we understand that effective support is crucial to the return on investment of our customers and hence put extra efforts and resources into this.


all accepted support requests, no  matter if they have been presented in person, via email, phone, chat or directly online, are being recorded in our online portal, so that business owners can check the status and reprioritize requests at any time. 



waiting for customer to contact us when there is a problem, is not what we call go service. we think it takes a more pro-active approach to get the most (benefits) out of the system.  


therefore we offer our customers regular review and "what's new" meetings, to stay in touch and discuss areas that could further be improved or need to be changed. 


such enhancement activities may include re-trainings, demo of additional productivity tools or enhancement packs, implementing and training previoulsy excluded functionality, setup enhancements, reporting review and -of course- customizations.



most dynamics ERP customers keep paying a so called annual enhancement plan to keep their systems up-to-date and secure their return on investment. unfortunately very few of these customers actually upgrade their systems on a regular basis. even enhancement packs and fixes aren't applied. 


we regard it as our responsibility to inform our customers about newly available functionality, enhancements, fixes that become available for their system and during an implementation we keep a strong focus on the upgradeability and maintenance friendliness of the system. 


unhappy with the support and service you get at the moment? 

if you aren't an xtricate customer yet and currently supported by another partner, but have doubts or concerns regarding the "health" of your system, we offer a free of charge review of your database. this work is being done offsite and hence doesn't involve a lot of resources on your end. only we ask you to spend some time going with us through our findings and suggestions once we completed our review job. 


if we don't find anything to improve you get a reconfirmation that you system is "healthy". if we identified more or less serious "health issues". you may now either contact your current support partner for help, or ask xtricate to assist. either way, you win.